I LOVE a man who has style! I am not sure these day’s if men know or care, but a women LOVES when a man takes pride in his appearance. Ladies I will list a few things we do like! ¬†Then maybe you can share with a guy of your choice. Men don’t be confused with what you choose or the look some random (drunk) women told you looked great on you. Open you ears put your egos to the side and pay attention. Ladies love a man in great shoes. Not cheap ones, not gym shoes or timberlands (unless it one of those thug man days). Which I happen to like! Instead try a great pair of ¬†leather shoes. We as ladies also like a man with a nice accessory piece e.g a nice watch or bracelet (no rubber bands allowed). Don’t confuse this with multiple rings on your hands (wedding ring only). Ladies also like a man with tailored clothing. A tailor is a must for all men. Suites, shirts and pants need to be tailored and the look of pants sagging or a box cut suite just doesn’t cut it.¬†

We as Ladies also need men to invest in your outer wear¬†a nice over coat e.g wool blend. This style works great with jeans, suites and casual attire. No man should just own a waist length leather! What will you wear when your date rocks her vintage fur-trimmed coat to dinner at Capital Grill. Please remember grooming is VERY important to women. Cut your hair (shave it if you’re thinning)¬†we like bald heads. Visit a Manicurist regularly (me). Watch your weight (if you want us watching ours). Last but NOT least we love the smell of great breathe and great cologne. Hope this helps and please know it comes from a good place. Signed Every women you have ever known! Contact Tamela Tatum (stylist) for all your styling needs. Enjoy your day Fashion Savvy Junkie.