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Last week on my visit to mid-town I met a young lady wearing a very chic pair of glasses. As we spoke about sunglasses and our love for them she mentioned purchasing them from a store in the Eastern Market area called Savvy Chic. I was in amazement walking through the door of this Fabulous Chic store. Savvy Chic carried everything from candles to homemade pies sold in the small cafeteria located in the back of the store on the home side. As I entered the other side of the building it was home to men and women’s apparel. There stood a very Fashionable man who knew all the history of fashion and wasn’t shy on sharing the information he had gathered and been privileged to over the years. I wanted to put him in my handbag! After my Fashion History lesson I found myself wondering around in awe wondering how I could have missed this chic palace.

With all that being said I ended up with a pair of Chic shoe clips and a vintage inspired perfume bottle (LOVE) that I wanted to share with you Fashion Savvy Junkies. I also found a great spot on my nightstand for the perfume bottle. I can say that I am very excited to visit Savvy Chic again and it will be soon!

Thank you for reading Fashion Savvy Junkies!

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