Happy September everyone, hope you’re having an amazing week. My recent visit to Ferndale with one of my favorites auntie’s, was full of conversation, food, and great deserts. Public House is not a surprise to many, but has many surprises to offer. Indulging in their trio deviled eggs as an appetizer only left my palate wanting more. When I looked at the menu, I wanted everything but settled on the three small slider sandwiches, Portobello and Seafood. I also had to indulge a little in my auntie’s Whitefish; YUM (I’m getting that next time). I’m a little embarrassed to admit that although I have always walked and dined in Ferndale for many years, l had never visited the Pinwheel Bakery. I feel like I have missed out. They have everything from chocolate brownies to oatmeal cream pies. I was happy at see the vegan selection also. No dairy for this girl. I settled on a Toffee Blondie and lavender chai tea, while my cute auntie had the same desert and some pick me up hot beverage. Thankful for my Monday off to visit Ferndale with great company for our yearly birthday brunch! As my beautiful card from auntie say’s, “Life begins at 40.”
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