Preparing for LENT! Every year I ask myself the same question, what am I going to give up this year? The¬†answer is never really hard for me. I feel if I can do everything else I want to do in life, giving up a luxury food or food’s should not be that hard. So this year I will abstain from Coffee, Sugar(sweets), Meat and Dairy(which does not agree with me these days) UGH!. To make this transition easier for me I will read my bible and refrain from negative behavior. Stay tuned! In the¬†next couple of days I will post a couple of¬†recipes for smoothies¬†and salads that will help during the fast. Please let me know what you will abstain from during the next 40 day’s.

Thank you for reading my Fashion Savvy Junkies.

PicMonkey Collage J Alexander Restaurant

Spinach Con Queso

Tomato Salsa & Chips

Cypress Salad w/ Veggie Burger

Filet Caesar Salad

Pinot Noir