Ok the secret is out, I have to confess “Hi my name is Tamela and I LOVE fur.” I don’t just love real fur, I also love faux fur. For me, fur is an added bonus for a coat, denim jacket or wrapped around your shoulders. Today’s fur and faux fur in particular are all the rage. The trend of wearing colorful fun fur has taken over the streets of NYC and major cities alike. I am a huge fan of #streetstyle, so spotting an amazing fur piece gives me life. Being a vintage junkie over the years has allowed me to collect some amazing shawls, collars and coats that I can mix and mingle to create that special one of a kind look. Something to keep in mind is that quality fur pieces will last forever. So with that being said, my love of fur inspired me to take a sewing class, where I wanted to learn how to make a fur skirt. A skirt that I could wear and be proud to say I came up with the idea and executed it. I promise you I was so excited to wear my skirt. I walked out of my hotel room feeling very chic, wondering if people would notice I was wearing fur, and “yes they did.” I walked into the famous Michael Jordan restaurant where the stares and comments kept coming. I wanted to shout ” I MADE IT MYSELF’, with a huge smile. LOL!! I didn’t because I didn’t want to embarrass myself in this upscale restaurant and also because I know better. Love what you like and be very proud of your accomplishments.

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