Happy Holiday’s Lovelies

For most people the holiday season equals holiday hosting. Holidays are stressful with all the shopping, wrapping and cooking, so I wanted to share with you how to create a quick holiday gathering without the stress. When inviting family and friends over you want to make sure you will enjoy the festivities as much as they do. To ensure everything will go off as planned start a few days in advance. Trying to do everything in one day is down right crazy! Being exhausted for your own gathering is crazy. Three days before make a list of what you need as far as food, decorations, utensils etc. Try to think of foods that people can easily grab and what they will want to snack on through out the night. Head off to the store and make it happen.

Two days to go, clean, clean and clean. No one should host anything with a dirty home. It’s almost time…One day to go. Start pulling out all of your fancy glassware, serving platter and placing decorations where they belong. Also take this day to prep food. Make sure you know the final count of family and friends, never be unprepared. Party time, this day will be easy. Take this day to just make the final touches on flowers, making sure you have enough ice and that beverages are cold and ready upon arrival of guest. Two hours before the party, take this time to find that holiday hosting look “don’t forget your red lips ladies.” Thirty minutes before, take this time to prepare your holiday listening for the evening and start lighting candles. These small tips should ensure a great evening for the holiday season.

Cheese Types (Eastern Market) – Detroit

Marble Beer ┬á– Tickler w/Onion – Havarti w/ Dill – Spicy Tickler – Cream Cheese with Parsley

Sweet potato Pie (Friend) Katrece

Summer Sausage – (Market Fresh)

Blackberries – Grapes – Mini Dill Pickles – Deviled Eggs w/ capers

Salmon Dip – (Costco)

Multi Crackers – (Trader Joes)

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