Having a Vision and a plan will make for a successful life. I love to dream and love to see my dream’s come true. Being surrounded by beautiful things and people makes my life easy. I want everyone reading this blog post to put your vision on a board! Include all the beautiful things you love, the places you want to travel to, the item’s you would love to purchase no matter how big or small. Include the pictures out of those fashion magazines that had your heart racing when you laid eyes on them. Include anything you want as long as you LOVE it! The following will be a little information to help get your started.¬†

Few thing’s you will need:

Big craft boad-Michael’s ( white, Black, green or any color of your choice) think of this as a science project you had to do in school. You don’t need the sides. Just a flat board. A Cork board is also a great option.¬†

Scrapbooking paper Michael’s¬†(solids, stripes, dots, glitter) whatever you want to make your background eye-catching or that will make it pop. Use as much as you like to cover the board. Be creative!

Glue, Marker’s, Letters, Magazines and pictures.¬†

Have fun and make this project one you will look at for years. Make sure you remove pics and items as they come to past. Make sure you add more. Stay positive and speak it into existence. 

Thank you for reading Fashion Savvy Junkies and enjoy your day!

PicMonkey Collage