What on earth was I thinking coming to New York in March? Oh I know, “spring is almost here, the worst is behind us.” WRONG!

That’s what I get for dreaming of going to the IBS show, visiting a few of my favorite vintage stores and shopping until I dropped in the famous MOOD fabric store. I must admit I did get to do all those things, but then here came Storm Stella with her unfriendly self. Being from Michigan, I have never seen a city shut completely down for hours. In Michigan we will close schools, but not to see a car on the street for hours was a little scary. I will say, although it was blowing wet snow, I promise you it was not that much. Definitely not enough to stop me and my side-kick Tameika (msmeikostyle) from taking advantage of a quick photo-shoot opportunity. We hit the streets looking for the perfect spot with camera’s in hand ready to weather the storm. We got a lot of stares from people trucking it across the street through the snow looking for shelter. It didn’t bother us one bit. When you let two creative people loose in a great city with cameras and an imagination, watch out world.

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