Hi beautiful people!

Yesterday morning I woke up feeling very blessed! I had launched the new Fashion Savvy website and excited to see your thoughts. I’m listening. LOL. Back to breakfast. Over this past weekend as the family and I headed from Cedar Point we passed a farmers market, with a little sweet talking I ended of with these beauties and a few other treats. Enjoy!

Recipe below

DSC_0402 DSC_0404 DSC_0408 DSC_0415 DSC_0406 DSC_0410 DSC_0413 DSC_0418 DSC_0427

Fried Tomatoes

Fresh Green Tomatoes

Olive Oil


Garlic Powder (not garlic salt)

Salt & Pepper

Cornmeal (1/2 table-spoon) add to flour to help flour stick to tomatoes

Season tomatoes, dip in flour mixture on both sides and place in olive oiled pan and cook until soft and brown on both sides.

I added a small bowl of grits and few blue raspberries (see pic)

Enjoy your breakfast Fashion Savvy Junkies.