If you’re anything like me, you have attended countless events where having your makeup look like it was professionally done would have made you the bell of the ball.

Let’s be honest, that has not always been the case for many of us. Let me introduce to you Beauty Jungle’s owner and MUA Miko. She can become a friend favorite in teaching you how to execute that flawless makeup look we all long for. Attending Beauty Jungle Makeup Workshops for years has helped me to understand what I need and the steps to execute my signature look….I woke up like this, BEYONCE-FLAWLESS! Sing with me lol. Miko has mastered her craft and shares her secret tips from blending and mixing colors to knowing your skin type. If you’re a hands on person or you have makeup questions that you can’t seem to figure out, attending a Beauty Jungle Workshop is for you!

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Beauty Jungle Makeup Artist – Miko


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Beauty Jungle Doll


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DSC_0869Beautiful Ladies!!

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Beauty Jungle 

Being Beautiful starts on the inside, the outside is an added bonus!!


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