Happy Thursday Lovelies

As a home decor stylist, I’m often asked about little things you can do in your home that will add glam without breaking the bank. My first question is do you own a bar cart? Bar carts are all the rage now. Using them to hold everything from wine glasses to endless bottles of wine to books. Today’s bar carts are not only used in the common area of the home, but as accent pieces in bedrooms or foyers. Back when I was younger, wet bars were very popular in homes. Today’s trend brings us smaller accent pieces that serve multiple purposes. Decorate your bar cart today to fit your lifestyle.

Bar Cart – Champagne Glasses -Martini Glasses –

Martini Shaker -Straws – Pineapple – Black Tray (Home Goods)

Boxes – (Target)

Ribbon – (Michaels Crafts)

Napkins Framed Bar Pic (Home Goods)

Wine Glasses – Decanter (Grandmother) – Vintage

Poinsettia – DIY (Combined 5 flowers together) – Michaels

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