For the love of Food, Fashion and most importantly Freedom. Brunch this month was a little different from¬†our normal dress and go. We started at a place where filling the table with fried green tomatoes, catfish on top of a mixed green salad, to guacamole on top of cornbread was ¬†a must have. Zenith¬†offered a variety of fabulous food with a Mexican Southern flare (YUM). “Time to walk if off”! Detroit Historical Museum…AWESOME! I had the privilege of visiting such and informative and inspiring place. As we walked through reading about DETROIT history. I couldn’t help to feel nothing but BLESSED as to how far our ancestors, grandparents and parents have come. Although I would have loved to experience paying 10 cents¬†for many things. I wouldn’t change my current decade or position in this grand city “DETROIT” I call home for nothing. For me being inspired comes from many places, people and experiences. I have to say I was inspired by all three yesterday. Enjoy your day Fashion Savvy Junkies.